Av. Santa María 6649
Santa María Park - Building A Piso 2 - CP (B1624BSI)
Rincón de Milberg - Tigre – PBA
Teléfono: +54(11)3221-0825
FAX: +54(11)3221-2100 Ext 0825
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As a strategy of growth, Pentamar has diversified itself towards the real estate activity. We already have more than 12 years of experience in participating in real estate developments, transforming wide areas which are subject to flooding into flourishing urban developments.

At the beginning, our participation was as owners of the lands and as Constructors in the Tigre District. The increasing protagonism in different real estate projects has provided us with the capacity and experience to take part also as Real Estate Developers in different Districts of the Province of Buenos Aires.

As developers, we have taken part in projects of gated communities, housing and office complexes, shopping centers, generally administrating trusts in protection of the interests of the parties involved, and sorting out all the municipal and provincial permits and authorizations.